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ZNMD Trip to Spain

23 August to 01 September 2019

10 Days . Skydive . La Tomatina . Scuba . Travel all across Spain

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Fri, 23 Aug Arrive in Barcelona

We start off in Barcelona.  

Whether you're flying in or travelling from other parts of Europe, our trip leader would meet you at Plaça de Catalunya and get you checked in. 

Once everyone is in, we start the trip with popping a bottle of Cava, followed by a meet-and-greet where you get to know the people you're travelling with.

Sat, 24 Aug Explore Barcelona together

Our trips are built to provide a balance of freedom while still being in a group. So we start off the day by exploring Barcelona city, and you have the option of choosing the pace at which you explore the city. All major sights are connected with our tour transportation.  

In the evening, we gather again to let loose, visiting various nightlife hotspots in the city centre, and ending the night at one of the best nightclubs of Barcelona. This city is known for how hard it parties, sometimes all the way to the morning!

Sun, 25 Aug Learn to fly: Skydive from 14,000ft (optional)

Humans were not born to fly, but that didn't stop us from trying. The movie also stresses on how tough it is to overcome your mental barriers and take the leap, and we suggest you do take up this challenge and join the league of the few humans who 'fly'. 

Whether you choose to attempt the optional Tandem Skydive (not included in package price, please view add-ons for price) or not, we travel to the airfield and witness courage in its true form.  

After the skydiving session, we visit Montserrat, an iconic monastery atop a mountain and experience the grandeur of this historic site.  

We return to the city after sunset and visit one of the most famous Flamenco Show in Barcelona. The iconic show is performed by dancers dressed in traditional red, white and black dresses with live musicians playing energetic traditional Spanish music, which was the inspiration behind the movie's song 'Senorita'.  

We end the night here and you are free to explore the city further.

Mon, 26 Aug Breathing underwater: Scuba Diving in Costa Brava

Just like flying, breathing underwater is also not something which we're supposed to do. However scuba dive gear allows us to comfortably breathe inside water and experience marine life. 

We travel to Costa Brava, where the dive site is located. Non-swimmers are also able to participate in this as every diver is accompanied by an instructor and this is a beginners dive, not a deep-sea dive (which requires a 3-5 days training course). 

The dive takes place in the afternoon, before and after which we can enjoy and explore Costa Brava.

Tue, 27 Aug Barcelona to Valencia

La Tomatina is one of the highlights of the trip, and it takes place in a small village called Buñol which is located close to Valencia. 

We travel from Barcelona to Valencia, which would feel very different from the rush of urban Barcelona. 

We start from Valencia the next day at 5am, so taking plenty of rest is advised to recharge yourself for the next day's high-energy action. 

Something special is planned on this evening! (it's a surprise)

Wed, 28 Aug Paint it red: La Tomatina

THE MAIN EVENT- La Tomatina happens on this day.  

Starting off early in the morning, we drive to Buñol where the iconic tomato fight happens. All you need to do is follow the trip manager's instructions (tomatina rules) and you will have a great time.  

The fight starts at 11am and continues for close to 1-1.5 hours, after which locals turn the village into a unique Spanish siesta, offering to hose you down with water to clean up, and selling cheap beers with great music playing in the background.  

In the afternoon, we leave Bunol for Valencia after a basic clean up. Once back in Valencia, we take a shower and after a few hours of rest, start exploring Valencia and all it has to offer!

Thu, 29 Aug Exploring Valencia

Valencia is more than just a stopover for Tomatina, and you will be amazed at the contrasts this place has to offer.  

We start this day with a walking tour of the walled old town of Valencia, followed by a visit to some of the interesting places in the city such as the L'Umbracle before heading for the beach.  

Once you see the beach in Valencia, you will understand what writers meant when they spoke of the blue colour of the Mediterranean, and we stay at the beach until we call it a day.

Fri, 30 Aug Experience the real Madrid

From Valencia, we head to Madrid, the capital city of Spain, where our accommodation is again in the heart of the city.  

Once we are settled in, we take you out to explore the city which has all it's major attractions close by, and then in the evening we proceed to experience local traditions and dishes which have now spread all over the world- Tapas and Churros.  

In Spanish culture, Tapas are not considered just a form of food, it is considered a tradition. We understand all of this by visiting different Tapas bars of Madrid and trying out their best drinks with Tapas, followed by a visit to Chocolatería San Ginés, a place serving Churros con chocolat since 1894.

Sat, 31 Aug Exploring the amazing town of Toledo

Since this trip is offering more of Spain than the movie could cover, we take it a step further and take you to Toledo, an ancient city set on a hill above the plains of Castilla-La Mancha in central Spain. The whole day would be spent exploring this walled beauty, and we return to Madrid in the evening.

In the evening, we head out to explore the nightlife of Madrid and mingle with the locals who come out to party. This is the last night of the trip, and we party like there's no tomorrow!

Sun, 01 Sep Adiós

For almost every traveller who has been a part of our ZNMD trip over the years, this experience has been 'life-altering'. After returning from this trip, our travellers recall making major decisions which impacted their life in a hugely positive way.  

With this wish in our hearts, we would say 'adiós' to you.  

Depending on your flight timing, we would have you picked up from the city and dropped to the airport in time.  

In case your flight is after the check-out time, we would arrange for your luggage to be stored safely, allowing you to spend some more time exploring Spain and make the most of your remaining time in the country.  

This day gets really emotional for us, as well as you- our fellow travellers because we tend to become great friends on long trips such as this. However, it is a sign of happiness as we know we have helped you take a vacation of your dreams, and you would always be a part of the Travart family for us.

What's not included

• Flight to Barcelona • Flight out of Madrid • Visa Fee (payable directly at the time of application) • Travel Insurance • Any expenses of personal nature • Any meals or drinks other than breakfast

What's included

• Stay for 9 Nights with breakfast • City Tour of Barcelona • Transport to and fro SkyDiving center near Barcelona with optional stop (time permitting) at Montserrat. • Beginners' level Scuba Diving in Costa Brava (Advance level available only if you are a PADI certified diver) with transportation. • Flamenco Show • Barcelona to Valencia transportation • La Tomatina festival entry, with transport to and from the festival. • City Tour of Valencia • Valencia to Madrid transportation • City Tour of Madrid • Tapas Tour • Travel to and from Toledo • Airport transfer Barcelona Airport to City Center (SIC) • Airport transfer Madrid city center to Airport (SIC) • Visa Assistance • GST of India

"If I could give more stars, I would." 

The trip was beyond what we imagined. Honestly, it goes way beyond the movie. The people were so good and we're still in touch with each other. I still don't remember when and where I first found this trip on the web but I am so glad I did.  

Naina Mishra ★★★★★  

"Life changing trip."

I travel often but I did not expect a trip to have such an impact on me. I travelled while my career was in transition and a lot was changing in life. However after the trip I made another major transition because I realised what kind of a life I wanted. I cannot express what led to it, but the impact was huge.

★★★★★ Akanksha Ranjan

"This was exactly what I had dreamed about."

Travart guys still say I was the fastest person to book because I paid in 15 minutes :D. I always wanted to do such a trip since I had seen the movie, but no company has done it so well as them, so I booked as soon as I was explained the day-to-day plan. We had a lot of fun and all the credit goes to their team which is really good.

★★★★★ Hetal Khakharia


With hostels (age limit 18-35): INR 1,48,425 / US$ 2150 including taxes  

With hotels (no age limit): INR 1,82,114 / US$ 2650 including taxes

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