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Unless specifically mentioned, the prices mentioned on the website do not include add-ons such as flights or visa.


1. You would be flying to the destination from a different city than other travellers who view the site. As the prices of flights to the destination varies based on departing city, we have decided to keep it as an add-on. Also, your assigned trip managers can help you in finding and booking the best flights for your travel dates.

2. Since we are specialists at creating experiences, we have created these itineraries for you which focus on experience. The prices of these itineraries are protected from surges and fluctuations. If we start adding flights to these itineraries, you would start seeing different prices for the same trip every time you log in because flight prices change multiple times in a day. This will make you forget about the experience (which is the most important part of your trip) and start focusing on the fluctuations.

3. We provide flight booking assistance as a complimentary add-on when you purchase a trip with us, and you still have the option of choosing to only buy the land part of the experience with us and book flights on your own (helps specially in case you have special discounts on flights from your employer, or have frequent flyer miles). This gives you the ultimate deciding power, and you are not bound by only one option.


If you wish us to add-on flights for you, you simply have to check the option in add-ons while submitting your query, and our flight team will send you flight options along with your travel plan.

A great tool to search for the best flights is https://www.skyscanner.com. We recommend using https://www.skyscanner.com in incognito mode or private mode of your browser for best results.

The prices mentioned are inclusive of GST unless specifically mentioned in the ‘Exclusions’ section of the itinerary.

Travart fifth anniversary skydive

Travart was started in mid-2013 and our first trip touched down in Paris on 02 December 2013.

The name Travart came into existence later, in 2014-15 and we were registered as Gedit Ecommerce Private Limited on 27th August 2014.

Since the actual date of starting work on the 2013 trip was uncertain, we celebrate our anniversary on 27th August (date of registration in 2014) each year, and since five is a special number for anniversaries, our founder (who was afraid of heights) jumped out of a plane from 14,000 feet in Spain to celebrate our fifth anniversary in 2018.

Core Values:

We believe in only working with destinations we have full expertise in, which for most of our existence have been the regions of Europe and Southeast Asia where our expertise is unparalleled, and we have consistently added more destinations, one at a time over the past six years ensuring we have a strong on-ground support network in any destination we serve.

Having started off with group trips for young travellers, we have since grown into a full service travel company serving couples, families and solo travellers with the premium quality trips we are known for. Couple and family travellers now constitute the largest fractions of our overall travellers, however we do take special care of our solo travellers as well.

As one of the few companies which puts quality of your experience above all, we also at times may deny you service in case you ask us to cut corners where we know your experience might be compromised. As one of our core values, we put your experience above all.

For young and/or solo travellers

Epic Trips are group trips for young travellers (18-35 years only)

Stay is in hostels and the trips have high energy exploratory itineraries. 

Group size is 1-12 and in case, the group dates do not suit you, you can ask us for the same itinerary on your preferred dates and once you book for those dates we will publish that date as a group tour on our website to help you get other travellers to travel along.

We have understood this concern from a lot of travellers and now have two solutions for you:

Option 1: In case you want to travel without a group.

 We can give you the same trip plan with slight changes in transportation, and you can go solo or take one of your friends along.

Option 2: In case you are OK with travelling solo, but would also like other people to join in.

In this case, we have a new feature called ‘Swarm’ (still in testing phase) where you can book the same itinerary as the Epic Trip but only for yourself (on your preferred travel dates), and we would encourage other travellers to travel on the same dates. In case other travellers book the same dates, you get fellow travellers to share the experiences with (Yay!), otherwise you enjoy your solo adventure as planned (again, Yay!)

Option 3: In case you are not OK with travelling solo, but want to travel for sure.

In this case, we would need you to book the trip with a refundable security deposit for a limited time (usually two weeks). If we are not able to find another traveller for the same dates within the two weeks, we refund your security deposit. However if we do find another traveller for the same dates, your security deposit immediately becomes non-refundable and your booking is automatically confirmed.

We do believe age is just a number, and this age bracket exists only to help keep the group homogenous. We also know that some people have the personality of a fifty year old at twenty five, and some fifty year olds have the charm of a twenty five year old.

That being said, our upper age cap is flexible but only very slightly. In some cases, we may allow solo travellers up to the age of 38, however this is a rare occurrence and you go through a stricter vetting process to make sure that this trip is the right fit for you and vice versa.

In case you don’t qualify for an exception, you still have an option:

Option 1: In case you are OK with traveling without a group.

 We can give you the same trip plan with slight changes in transportation, and you can go solo.

Option 2: In case you are not OK with travelling solo, but want to travel for sure.

In this case, we would need you to book the trip with a refundable security deposit for a limited time (usually two weeks). If we are not able to find another traveller for the same dates within the two weeks, we refund your security deposit. However if we do find another traveller for the same dates, your security deposit immediately becomes non-refundable and your booking is automatically confirmed.

Unfortunately, no.

We adore your passion to travel, and salute your ability to persuade your parents or guardians to let you travel with a bunch of (cool) strangers in a different country. However the hostels and hotels we stay in have a strict minimum age limit. You need to be 18 on the day you land in the destination.

However, if you like the plan and can use your persuasive superpowers to get your family to travel to the destination on a personalised trip, we will ensure you have the most amazing time ever.

No and Yes.

As per wikipedia:

First, addressing the no.

Our Epic Trips are planned to perfection, and everything runs smoothly without the need of a guide. We have excellent on-ground operations and support crew in all Epic Trip locations, working in the background to ensure everything runs as per plan, and are present in case they are needed.

In some of our select Epic Trips, we have an experience manager travelling with the group to run quality checks, but again they are not guides.

Now, the yes.

There are some tours and activities within the trip plan which are guided. In these activities, you would be assisted by guides for the specific tours only.

Absolutely. Yes. We love young couples on our trips.

Since most of our group trips involve staying in hostels, don’t expect mushy mushy time 😉

If you do want your privacy, you can ask the trip manager (you are assigned a trip manager once you sign up) whether an upgrade to private room (at additional cost) is available in the hostel. If it is available, we can do that for you.

If none of the above works out, we can give you the same travel plan for a private trip (at a different cost) which includes stay in hotels. In such a case, you would usually not be travelling with the group.

All that being said, this would be a wonderful opportunity for both of you to make new friends and also discover new sides of each others’ personalities so you should definitely take this trip.

Yes our Epic Trips are very affordable, because we designed them well and have eliminated middlemen from the process.

Another thing must be clarified here is that the price mentioned is for your experience planned in the destination (Land Package in traditional terms) only. Flights are not included.

So for a land package, it is neither too expensive, nor the cheapest you will find. However we are known for the experience we provide and this is right at the sweet spot with a balance of experience and affordability.

Also, we also understand the kind of untrustworthy companies in the market these days, who promote a trip at half the price just to get you to sign up. However, the price you see here is the price you get.

We definitely can.

Travart is a full service travel company with a team capable of helping you with everything from Visa to flights to even travel insurance (as add-ons)

Normally your trip manager would ask you this when you are booking or once you have booked, but you may ask it to be added-on at any time.

Please note that when we provide Visa Assistance Services, you have the duty to provide us with all the necessary documents required by us for your visa application. Also note that visa acceptance or rejection is always at the sole discretion of the respective embassy no matter which company you apply with, and we ensure your application is submitted with the complete documentation.

We’re proud to have so much love from travellers that most of our trips sell out quite early on. However we reserve some seats for people who are (usually) new to Travart and are still making up their mind about the trip and deciding whether they are ready to book or not (travelling solo for the first time is a tough decision, and we understand that). These reserved seats are opened up in batches for flash sale where everyone on the waiting list is notified about the limited window of time for which the bookings will be open.

The batches of the flash sale also sell out quickly (some have sold out in 14 minutes) so we advise getting all information from your travel manager before the next flash sale so that you are sure about booking the trip (or not) when the limited time window opens up.

You can only hope another batch opens up (based on demand) or someone cancels (usually doesn’t happen).

Where’s the fun in that? Life should have a bit of fun in it, agree?

Usually only breakfast is included in the meals, which always has at least one vegetarian option.

However, we understand the importance of being inclusive, hence we try to help you find locations where you would get Vegetarian food during lunch and dinner time when you are on our trips.

While answering this FAQ post, we are realising we have not had even a single trip where not even one person was Vegetarian, and have never had issues.

The case is not the same for Jain Veg food. Please check with your assigned travel manager if you need Jain Veg food.

Visa processing

Singapore issues e-visa to Indian citizens, however you need to send your original passport to a visa processing centre along with the required documents (checklist is provided to you by your assigned travel manager).

The processing centre where you are required to send your documents is based on the place of issue of your passport or your place of current residence as per available documentation.

Optionally, we can provide pick up and drop of your passport and documents in select major cities at an additional cost.

Normal processing time is 7-10 working days, which may go up to 15 working days at some processing centres during peak travel season.

Our charges for Singapore visa processing are INR 3,500 per passport including one way courier charges.

European countries in the Schengen Visa Inclusion Zone issue a sticker visa to Indian citizens.

You need to submit your original passport along with the required documents (checklist is provided to you by your assigned travel manager). Biometric scans (fingerprints and in-person photograph submission) are required unless already done during recent previous visits. 

All Schengen member countries have outsourced document and biometric processing to third parties which handle traveller-facing roles on behalf of the embassies and consulates. However these third parties exist only to handle the paperwork and tedious manual processes, and the decision on your visa approval or rejection, as well as issuance of visa sticker on your passport is done by the embassy or consulate before being sent back to the third party from where you may collect it.

Most Schengen countries have outsourced visa processing to VFS.

Some states such as Spain, Greece etc have different visa processing parties.

Normal processing time is 15 working days.

Travart provides visa processing and documentation handling services at nominal charges (INR 2,000 per passport) for usual cases, and visa fee (additional) is directly payable by you at the visa processing centre during biometric appointment.


SIC is short for ‘Seat in coach’. This is a shared means of Transportation where you will be sharing the vehicle (coach) with other travellers staying in the same or nearby hotels going to the same activity or tour as you. You do not have to worry about the other travellers or their locations, you only have to be in your hotel lobby (not in your room) at the specified time and you will be picked up. The coach will take you to your planned activity or tour location and instructions for pick up are communicated to you again, i.e. timing and location. After your activity or tour, you only have to ensure you are at the specified pick up point at the correct time and you will be picked up and dropped back to your hotel.

Seat number in the coach is usually not fixed, however it is certain that the coach will not be over-booked, i.e. you will have a seat.


In most locations, it’s the same vehicle for pick up and drop, however a different vehicle and/or driver may ply on the onward and return route at some instances due to various logistical reasons.

Since the intent of this question might be to understand whether you might be able to store luggage in the vehicle, it can only be confirmed on case to case basis.

A coach is used to refer to a vehicle which is usually larger than a normal car (seats more than 4 people) and may range between a van and a full bus.

A coach is usually shared with other travellers with similar pick up and drop locations, and runs on a pre-determined schedule and route. This is called a Seat in Coach (SIC) transfer.

In case you do not wish to take the transfer (reasons range from hangovers to just getting lost in the amazing experience of a place or a tour), just let the driver or hotline number know so that people don’t wait for you.

If you unintentionally miss the transfer, there’s nothing we can do about it. 

In both cases, the obvious choice for you would be to take a taxi or other forms of local transportation (at your own cost).

All transfers are always confirmed if provided in your plan, and there is one fixed location (does not change) where you will find our driver with your name card (in case of Private transfer) to welcome you at the airport, and Marked Van and a representative (without your name card, with company name card) at the fixed location in case of SIC transfer.

In some rare cases (your flight lands earlier than expected etc.), you might have to wait for a few minutes for the driver and even in such a case our on-ground support team is easily contactable and can help you in finding the driver in case you are unable to identify the driver (we provide local support team contact number whom you can contact for coordination).

The driver also has a maximum waiting time, after which the driver would leave. This waiting time is ample and is decided based on years of experience and knowledge of how much time it takes for an average passenger to exit the airport after completion of all formalities, processes and even some slight duty free shopping. All of this is accounted for in the planned waiting time. However if you overshoot the waiting time, it is likely that the driver may leave (after informing you). This is a rare case.

Under no circumstance would the case arise that nobody shows up for an airport pick up if it is included in the plan.

Travelling internationally for the first time

The answer to this question depends on where you are going, how long you are travelling for and what you intend to use your phone for.

In case your work or other circumstances (you’ve not told people you’re travelling) and need to pick up incoming calls, you would need to activate international roaming (or come up with a great backup excuse)

In case you wish to use your phone primarily for internet usage, most destinations now have traveller SIM card options which 

Under no circumstance can it actually happen that your booking with us is not done with the hotel.

There might be a possible typographical error in the booking ID or in the spelling of the name which might cause confusion for a couple of minutes due to miscommunication when you are checking in due to language barriers etc, but you need not worry about your booking not existing with the hotel. This is another reason for you to always carry a physical copy of your printable booking vouchers.

In any case, your assigned travel manager, our India support team, our in-destination support teams and our local hotline number are all reachable for assistance should the need arise. Rest assured, you will not have to face such an issue.

We have a very robust single point of contact based support system instead of giving out one standard number to everyone.

Your entire travel, from planning till you return from your trip, is managed by one or at max two people. This trip manager would be your single point (S.P.O.C.) of contact at all times before and during your travel, and is always available to take your calls from anywhere at anytime.

However in case of any issue, if you call your SPOC, s/he would contact the local team in your destination, and the local team will provide the support. Hence to save you from this extra communication waiting time, we provide you a hotline number of our local support team in the destination, and in case of any requirement they are able to help you resolve any issue with immense speed, making them the ideal primary contact when you are on your trip. In all cases, your trip and support is the responsibility of the SPOC and s/he would be available for 24×7 support, along with a backup point of contact.

Inclusions and Exclusions

In most of our trip plans, only breakfast would be included.

However in a lot of trips, lunch and/or dinners are also included (usually in some group trips). You are requested to check the inclusions and exclusions section in the itinerary shared with you to understand this clearly.

It is possible in all destinations we serve, but it is not suggested for most destinations except a few.

To make a decision whether you should ask for all meals or not, you must first understand the pros and cons of both scenarios.

First to elaborate on where having all meals included is suggested: In case you are travelling to a destination like Maldives where one island is one resort, you will end up having no option but to take these meals in the same property. In such a case including all meals would be advisable.

Now to elaborate on where having all meals included is not suggested: 

(This is a concern for vegetarians or travellers preferring Indian food.)

If you are travelling on one of our personalised trips, your day would be planned such that you are in a different location (at the location of activities planned that day) so pre-booking lunch binds you to be at one particular location at a certain time and have a pre-booked meal. As this restricts your freedom and makes you bound to follow a very strict time schedule, your experience is compromised by adding lunch and we do not like to compromise on your experience. Instead we would gladly suggest you restaurants in the location of the planned activity or tour where you can eat.

Dinner can be included however we can plan the selection of your hotel in such a way that the hotel selected has a few Indian or vegetarian restaurants nearby. This saves your transportation cost as well as provides you flexibility to visit a different restaurant each night.

Another reason we advise you to not include lunch and dinner is that you end up saving paying double tax (tax of the country you are visiting + tax of India) applied on the same meal.

As a company thinking about your experience more than anything else, this is our suggestion. In case you wish to still add all meals, we would not have a problem. Alas it increases our total billing, right? 😉

Certain cities and/or countries have created local laws which require you to pay a very small amount (usually 1-3 euros in European destinations, may vary in other locations) per person &/or per room &/or per night in the local currency

As a company which is strictly against hidden charges of any kind, we would include any charges which can be included. The only reason we do not and cannot collect this from you as a part of the price is that by law you are required to pay this amount in the local currency directly to the hotel when you stay, not when you book.

Travart is strictly against the corrupt practice of hidden charges which runs rampant in the travel industry, and it is one of our motives to stop this practice in the industry. None of our travel plans have any hidden charges, and everything included in the price is mentioned in the ‘Inclusions’ section of each plan, and although anything not mentioned in inclusions is automatically deemed to be excluded, yet we mention a few key areas where you are expected to spend whether it is personal expenses or otherwise so that you are able to clearly estimate a budget for your personal expenses.

Not having any hidden charges in our plans has come to us at a cost, since a lot of potential customers are lost when they see our all-inclusive price and compare it with other travel companies’ packages which have hidden costs and hence seem cheaper at the face value. The fleeting temptation to do the same comes to some salespersons minds when they see their hard work being taken away at the hands of the competition which is offering a lower quality service at a lower price and also has hidden charges which we can clearly see when you share their plans with us. However we always appreciate the love and support we have received over the years for being on the right side of this ethical line, and we are always thankful for your support in helping us reduce and eventually weed out this practice from the industry.

In case you feel anything is being charged to you as hidden charges by anyone, please email support@travart.org and we will help you understand whether your hunch is correct or not.


This is one part of the process where we ensure there is absolute clarity of communication from our end so that you always know what you’re buying.

A lot of travel companies, big and small, try to get your attention by mentioning a lot of things in the itinerary, however when you check the inclusions column, you realise that only a few of the things mentioned in the ‘tentative itinerary’ are included. However Travart does not participate in such practices.

The itinerary mentioned in our day to day plan clearly mentions if anything is not included but available to add-on optionally (immediately after the mention of a non-included itinerary, it would clearly state it is an optional add-on). Even such optional add-ons are kept at a minimum and the reason to provide this option is to let you personalise a bit of the itinerary according to your taste without having to recheck with us whether it would be possible or not, hence giving you freedom to mould your travel plan independently.

Yet, as humans we may err at times, and you are always advised to check the inclusions column for confirmation. In case of a discrepancy between the itinerary and the inclusions, the latter would be applicable.

No representative of Travart would ever ask for tips, or create an obligatory situation for you where you are ‘expected’ to tip.

All our travel plans of are free from obligatory gratuities as we view it as a hidden cost and our founding principles are against hidden costs in the travel industry. Any tips would be voluntary and you are not ‘expected’ to tip.

However in the cultures of some countries, you might be expected to tip. If this is the case, you would be informed by us of such local customs beforehand and even in that case tips are still voluntary.

After booking

Once we received confirmation of successful payment from our banking system and/or our payment gateways (instantaneous for payment by IMPS, UPI, Debit/Credit cards, Wallets; deferred waiting time for NEFT and Cheque), you would receive a ‘Booking Confirmation’ as a PDF file by email which contains your booking confirmation number, details of the booking amount received as well as a schedule of future instalments (amounts and due date).

Ideally the booking confirmation PDF is sent to you within a few minuted of successful payment, however in some cases it might take a few hours.

You would also appreciate that we automatically provide instalment plans as a part of our Travart EasyPay feature (if your travel date is not too close to your booking date) at 0% interest when you book with us.

Firstly, we do not have any issue with sharing your flight vouchers (flight tickets) in most cases.

However as your hotel vouchers are a part of your land package booking, as soon as vouchers of your booking are issued, your booking becomes non-refundable.

However we understand that you might need hotel vouchers for visa purpose, and we can help you with that on a case-to-case basis. Kindly reach out to your assigned travel manager for assistance on the same and we will do our best to help you in this situation.

As long as you have made all your instalment payments on time, you do not need to do anything else with regard to your booking. Your booking is confirmed since your first instalment payment.

We would share another PDF file of documents (called printable vouchers) which you have to carry in printed format when you travel. This printable PDF file helps you in immigration in case the immigration officer asks for these documents. This printable PDF file is sent to you between 3-7 days before your departure date (depending on your destination). In case you have done last minute booking with us, vouchers may be shared just before your departure.

Even if you have made full payment much before your travel, this PDF file will only be released as per schedule unless an exception is created by speaking directly with your assigned travel manager.

It is enough to avail all services, however immigration officers might ask for printed versions (depends on country to country) so we officially need to ask you to keep a printed copy with you when you travel.