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Some countries still require adult women travelling solo internationally to submit a 'no-objection certificate' from their parents or husband. We have decided to raise an objection against this and have petitioned the appropriate ministries to help put an end to this archaic and demeaning practice.

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•You reach Barcelona depending on the timing of your flight. Our representative would meet you at the airport and guide you to the transportation which takes you to the accommodation.
•The accommodation is centrally located in one of the best neighbourhoods of Barcelona, giving you ample freedom to walk around the city when no activity is planned on any day.
•We gather in the lobby for a meet and greet, where you are introduced to and meet your fellow travellers.  Afterwards, we move out to a Tapas tour to start off our trip with a bang. You can choose your own timing to return to the hotel in case the party continues longer than expected.
•Overnight at hotel.


• We start this day by exploring the major sights of Barcelona- the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and iconic architectural sites by the renowned artist Gaudi. In between, we shall take a guided tour of the Gothic Quarters of the city and learn about its history and significance from the locals. Later we continue exploring the city as we visit La Rambla and Placa de Catalunya to experience the local culture first-hand.
•In the evening, we crawl the popular tapas bars and nightlife areas of the city. You have the freedom to stop or stay at any of the venues we visit if you like as the nightlife of Barcelona has so much to offer for everyone's taste.
•Overnight at hotel.
Note: If you opt for Skydiving on Day 3, we suggest not partying too hard in order to make the best of your skydiving experience.


• On this day we go to the airfield for a skydive experience. Even if you choose not to try skydiving, you are welcome to accompany those who do, and feel the thrill by watching them jump from an airplane at 4000m. Alternatively, you can choose to stay back in Barcelona and experience the city on your own, we would be providing transportation coverage for your whole day.
•If you choose to attempt the optional Skydive (not included in package price, please view add-ons for price), be ready to experience the ultimate thrill humanly possible.
•We return to the city before sunset and visit the most famous Flamenco Show in Barcelona. The iconic show is performed by dancers dressed in traditional red and black dresses with live musicians playing energetic traditional Spanish music.
•We end the night here and you are free to explore the city further. If you are one of those who attempt the skydive on this day, you won't be able to sleep anyway... it truly is a life changing experience and its thrill will keep you pumped for a lot of days, possibly even months.

DAY 4 COSTA BRAVA Scuba Diving Day 

• On this day we visit the beautiful coastal area of Costa Brava for a Scuba Diving Experience. Even if you are afraid of water, embrace the challenge and take up the dive as you would be personally assisted by a scuba diving monitor to the depth of upto 5m after complete instructions and you are in safe hands as this is a beginners dive, not a deep-sea dive (which requires a 3-5 days training course).
•The dive takes place in the afternoon, before and after which we can enjoy and explore the coastal area. We return to Barcelona in the evening and depart for Valencia, so have your bags ready to go.


• Wake up in beautiful Valencia and enjoy a sumptuous breakfast.
•We would be in Valencia as this is the place from where we start for the La Tomatina festival next morning around 5am, so taking plenty of rest is advised to recharge yourself for the next day's high-energy action. If you wish, you can go out to explore relaxed venues such as Plaza de la Reina, Plaza Redonda, Valencia Cathedral etc.


• THE MAIN EVENT- La Tomatina happens on this day. We start out early (at 5am) from Valencia in our party bus to Bunol, the small village where the iconic tomato fight happens. We reach Bunol well in time to enjoy some sangrias in the beautiful sun, and you would be instructed by our local manager about the do's and don'ts which you must understand clearly. The fight starts at 11am and continues for close to 1-1.5 hours, after which locals turn the village into a unique Spanish siesta, offering to hose you down with water to clean up, and selling cheap beers with great music playing in the background.
•You are supposed to carry a pair of old clothes for the festival as you will be throwing them away after the event (definitely cannot be reused after la tomatina). Also, protective eyewear such as swimming goggles is suggested to protect your eyes from the tomato pulp, along with a waterproof case or pouch for your phone. Just do what you would do on holi in India and you'll be good.
•The bus leaves sharp at 2pm as we go back to Valencia, clean up, and meet back for the La Tomatina After-party. You can guess how the night is going to go from there, you can choose to return to the hotel as and when you wish.

DAY 7 IBIZA Boat Party 

• We check out comfortably and move out to catch a ferry cruise to the party island of Ibiza! Check into the hostel and get ready for one of the most famous attractions of Ibiza- a Boat Party.
• Return to the hostel with as and when you feel you are done partying.


• Wake up late and then go out to explore Ibiza on a city tour.
• In the evening we catch a flight for Madrid from Ibiza and check in late at night.


• In the morning, we head out for a tour of Madrid where we explore all the major attractions of Madrid, which would go on till late afternoon.
• In the evening, we head out to explore the nightlife of Madrid and mingle with the locals who come out to party like all of us on Friday nights. The trip manager can help you with recommendations on the best bars and clubs in case you want to split from the group and head out on your own.


•Depending on your flight timing, check out from the accommodation. 
•The trip manager would guide you to reach the airport with the included transportation. In case your flight is after the check-out time, we would arrange for your luggage to be stored safely, allowing you to spend some more time exploring Spain and make the most of your remaining time in the country.

This day gets really emotional for us, as well as you- our fellow travellers because we tend to become great friends on long trips such as this. However, it is a sign of happiness as we know we have helped you take a vacation of your dreams, and you would always be a part of the Travart family for us.

•Stay for 9 Nights with breakfast
•Beginners' level Scuba Diving in Costa Brava (Advance level available if you are a PADI certified diver)
•La Tomatina festival entry, transport to and from the festival, official Tomatina afterparty in Valencia
•Unlimited city transport in Barcelona and Madrid
•Land Transport throughout the trip
•All activities as per itinerary (in Barcelona, Costa Brava, Valencia, Bunol, Madrid, Toledo)

•Flights to and from Spain (add-on according to your home city)
•Any personal expenses
•Meals other than breakfast

•GST 5%

Optional Add-on
•Skydiving (Tandem Skydive from 4000m): EUR 275 per person



1,15,000 / 1,675 per person
(without international flights)


1,55,000 / 2,255 per person
(without international flights)


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