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Passion for travel
brought us here.

Travart is built and run by real travellers, and we share your disliking for middlemen who don’t add value.
While we started off as a haven for young travellers who wanted to take our hand-crafted itineraries and explore destinations the way they are best explored, over the years we have blossomed into a one-stop for the best experiences for solo travellers, couples and families alike.

We are one of the few companies thinking about solo travellers as equal, if not more important, as couples and families.

Focus on the experience
gave us an edge

We care about your experience as much as you do.

Every day we get thousands of requests from travellers who started planning for an experience and after coming in touch with an agent forgot about what they were looking for and now are only searching for the best ‘deal’. While understanding the importance of getting a good price (which we always provide), we ensure you are thinking about your experience as well.

Travellers all over the world love us

U have your honeymoon just once in ur life and it's the husband's responsibility to make it special for his wife. Well Travart helped and gave a lot of support to me. The booking, planning, service etc were all perfect and I did not have to think much. Thanks to Travart and the whole team.
Saurabh Johri, India
Travelled with Travart to The Netherlands, France, Italy and Singapore
The Travart team went out of their way to ensure my trip to Germany was great value and went smoothly. I can't recommend them highly enough for personalised service and attention to detail.
Brett Stevens, Australia
Travelled with Travart to Germany
Many people told me about Travart before coming to India. I was already in Bombay for business trip and I asked Travart to help me with visiting the Taj Mahal and Calcutta. They took care of everything and we had such a good time. We met the people from their Delhi team and they were such pleasant people. I would definitely recommend Travart.
Manny and Olive, Philippines
Travelled with Travart in India

We're awesome because we're made of awesome people.

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Seema Deep

Founder, Director

Team member image

Rajesh Gulati

Co-founder and C.O.O.

Team member image

Akash Deep Choudhary

Founder and C.E.O.

Team member image

Kulbir Kataria

Founding member, Fulfilment Management