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What is Travart
What makes us unique?


When it comes to travel companies, there are two types of organisations- ones which are a part of the centuries old middlemen-heavy system of set packages based on commissions and opacity (read- Travel Agencies whether online or offline), and then there are ones like TRAVART which wish to help you travel to destinations the way they are supposed to be 'explored'.
The former caters to 'tourists', the latter to you-'travellers'. (if you don't know the difference, you're probably the first)

In short, we are the ideal travel company for 'travellers' looking to 'explore' Europe, Southeast Asia or India.

We at Travart primarily create 'exploratory' group trips to amazing destinations in Asia and Europe where we help you travel to and explore a place like a local, while not having you worry about the things like your safety, quality of accommodation, routes of transportation, places to eat, etc.

The premise of Travart is that in case a person wishes to explore a destination in depth, traditional travel packages sold by travel agents are not an option, and the only way left for them is to plan their travel themselves. However, the process of planning an 'exploratory trip' is lengthy and tedious, you have to spend days researching online and read through hundreds if not thousands of blogs and reviews before finalising every part- the flights, the stay, the itinerary, the travel tickets, the routes, the places to eat, the places to shop, visa, insurance, airport transfers and what not. If you are a full-time traveller who has just this to do, then it's okay, but if you're a normal person who has other work to take care of, you cannot spend weeks and months researching about a trip. According to a survey we conducted among travellers in our community, over 72% of people who start planning a trip drop the idea after a few days of the research headache.

But if you don't have that much time and energy to spend (or waste) on planning, what options do you have?

The answer is TRAVART

We create group trips which are structured in a way to help you explore each destination the way it is supposed to be done, and still give you ample freedom and 'me time' to choose what you want to do independently, separate from the group. We do this with the help of multiple full-time travellers who help us plan the trips based on their personal experiences, followed by a visit by our in-house destination experts to each destination in order to check and experience everything personally and make changes wherever necessary to create the most comfortable, safe, exploratory and adventurous trip possible. Then we fix dates of travel and you are ready to book these trips when you see them on our website or on our many partner websites.

Since quality and experience are of paramount importance to us, we only cater to destinations we have 100% expertise of. That is the reason we only provide Epic Trips to selected destinations- Europe, Southeast Asia and India. It is not a coincidence that these destinations are also the backpacking hubs of the world, because backpacking shares the same traits as our Epic Trips- exploration, experience, meeting new people and travelling on a budget; and the added advantage of going on an Epic Trip as compared to backpacking being the additional safety, reliability and experience of a managed group trip, while still giving you a lot of freedom, flexibility and time for self exploration.

Each Epic Trip is different, with a different kind of experience depending on the destination, the itinerary, the stay option (they range from backpacking hostels and AirBnB's to premium hotels and resorts), and the prices vary accordingly, providing something for almost everyone.

Travellers from all parts of the world join the Epic Trips and as a consequence, you end up having a circle of friends from all over the world for the rest of your life.

We also provide customisation services, where we can create and book your travel as per your requirement.


No hidden costs and no surge pricing, EVER.

100% transparency in communication. What you see is what you book and that's exactly what you get.

Available to citizens of more than 200 countries, a truly global travel company.

No Lies. Never. We tell you the truth, even if it hurts us or the business.

We're not agents or middlemen, all Epic Trips are operated by the Travart team itself, you are our responsibility.

Your safety is 100% our priority, even more than the experience. We will never put you in danger.

We are accessible 24x7, 365 days of the year and conveniently we also have a dedicated Whatsapp number for support (it really helps when you only have wi-fi).

We do not pay our staff on commission basis, but we do reward them on your feedback. This is important for you as a traveller because it makes a small-ticket solo or backpacking customer as important as a group or a luxury traveller. Each of you are equally important to us.

Strictly NO Bait and Switch. Once you book with us, we keep our word. The travel industry is based on systems where prices of flights, hotels, activities etc. change dynamically. If prices increase after you book, we bear the cost and don't ask you to pay up. We have witnessed some big-brands in travel using this as an excuse or cover-up to charge customers more after bookings have been done. You'll never experience that with Travart, it's a promise.

We know how to say no. In case we do not have something you are looking for, we would tell it to you straight up instead of saying yes to anything and then winging it. We are specialists in travel and are extremely good at what we specialise in- exploratory and experiential travel, and that means we have to say no to some requests once in a while. This helps us ensure premium quality for you as a traveller.

We never spam you. Some of our customers have even written to us how much they love reading our emails because we send no more than one or two emails to you in a month, and if we don't have anything new or exciting to share with you, we won't disturb you with an email just for the sake of it.

We have no 'Travel Agents' in Travart. Everyone in Travart is either a real traveller him/herself, or a specialist like a CRM or Tech person. We say NO to 'agents'.

We're all good people and we love to take care of you. We strive to create a great experience for you each and every time, and that is our only focus.

We love you.

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