go f*** yourself.

In this world, where you have to put on a mask everyday, and live the life of a character you created, there's a child inside of you wanting to break free.
It's you, yourself.

You do what you don't want, and blame the struggle of survival for it. But who is it that has created this golden cage for yourself?
It's you, yourself.

You let others dictate your life, and blame society for your unhappiness. But you are not a tree. Who asked you to stay there?
It's you, yourself.

You call your forgotten dreams 'childish thoughts', but deep down they are still YOUR dreams. Who wanted you to grow up?
It's you, yourself.

You have so much in your heart that you don't do.
Telling that person how you feel.
Living in the city you always wanted.
Going some place you always dreamt of.
Who is stopping you from being free?
It's you, yourself.

Freedom is your birthright, and yet you have bounded yourself.
You feel free when you travel, but you don't do it often.
Who is stopping you?
It's you yourself.

You don't need permission.
You don't need to wait.
You don't need to compromise.
You can be free.
You can be you.
Don't let the world decide who you are.
Decide what the world is to you.
Go be you. Go be yourself. Wherever your heart desires.

go find yourself.


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